How to write 150 word essay?

Writing a 150 word essay is quite different from working on a 700 or 1000+ word assignment. Tutors often assign such papers to teach students how clarify their thoughts and maintain a focus to the points they want to put across. To successfully pull this off, you will need to write short sentences and stay focused to a specific topic or idea. For a 150-word essay, you will need to confine your thoughts to a single topic, or at most two short converging ideas. Whether your assignment is a 100-word essay or a 150-word essay, the following tips will help you develop a commendable essay within the word-count limit and time-limits provided.

1. Follow a conventional essay format.

Although writing a 150-words essay means that your text will be very short, you should still stick to the traditional format of an academic paper. In other words, your essay needs to have an introduction, two or three body paragraphs and of course a conclusion. You need to carefully plan your essay structure while still keeping the main point in mind. Here is a general breakdown of the essay structure;

a. Introduction
An introduction needs to have an introductory speech about your central topic and a thesis statement; the thesis should come out very strongly and preferably make it one-lined. You will later need to incorporate one or two sentences at the end of the essay to support your thesis. Ideally, the introduction should be about 20-30 words, and by all means not more than 35 words. To pull this off, get straight to the point and avoid fluff by all means. Don’t offer alternative points of view, rather, state your position clearly from the onset.

b. Body
The body essay body for your 150-word essay should have a single idea or at most two brief ideas that support the thesis statement. So your body should be divided into one to two paragraphs describing each idea separately. This is also a chance for you to provide some concrete evidences that convince the reader that your thesis is correct and solid.
Your essay body word-count should be in the ranges of 70- 100. To achieve this, you will need to keep your sentences short and precise. Remember you don’t have the luxury of composing long sentences. It is highly recommended that you do not exceed two paragraphs in your essay body section.

c. Conclusion
The conclusion should summarize your 150 word essay in about 20-30 words and not more than 3 lines. This should basically summarize your main ideas and refer to the thesis statement. Carefully select each word and phrase so that you don’t confuse the reader. This will also help you make a strong final statement.


2. Revise your essay
When it comes to such a short assignments, proof-reading is very important. It helps you clarify your text and find better wording. You might also correct grammatical, spellings, punctuation, logical and sentence structure errors in your essay. If you can, read the paper loud, as this often helps students find even more mistakes in their writing. It may also help to give a friend for further review in case your eyes missed anything; remember, with such very short essays, any small mistake can really stick out like a sour toe and ruin an otherwise perfect composition.

Sample essay

Here is a sample of a essay just to keep the above explanation is perspective.

Why a dog?
Canadian dog pets are the most pampered in the world. A dog is the most popular pet of all animals. People own dogs for two main reasons; security and companionship. (30 words)
Dogs are the best companions for people. For instance, older people often adopt a small dog when kids have all moved away. When the older person comes home, their dog wags its tail and is happy to see them. They will also talk to the dog and it will always listen. (51 words)
Additionally, a dog will often smell someone near your house and begin to bark. This is especially important if you are away shopping or at work. If someone breaks into the house, the dog will surely bite them. Security is therefore another very important reason people own a dog. (49 words)
Companionship and security are the two key reasons for people to own a dog. However, be sure before you make this big step of owning a dog. (27 words).

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